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So far, technology does not allow for the unloading of consciousness into the virtual world. But creating a colorful visualization, a striking marketing hit, or an intuitive training program is already possible with AR/VR.



There are a billion people with disabilities in the world. All of them are potential customers that businesses are losing out on because a website or app is inconvenient.

Inclusive websites, online shops, and apps are made to be usable by people with all kinds of disabilities, from fine motor problems to lost glasses. Inclusive design helps both people with disabilities and users who are simply in an uncomfortable environment.

Constant health-related difficulties are auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, and visual. In addition, there are situational difficulties, which include:

  • the use of small screens on smartphones, smartwatches, and other compact devices;
  • slow Internet connections;
  • unfavorable environment: bad light, noisy room;
  • temporary disability due to a broken arm, lost glasses, etc.;
  • age-related changes.

WCAG’s key accessibility principles:

  • Perceivability

    People must be able to perceive content in a way that is accessible to them. For example, a person who is blind might use a voice assistant to post to a social networking site.

  • Comprehensibility

    The content in the interface should be understandable to everyone.

  • Manageability

    People should be able to control the interface in the ways that are available to them. For example, by voice or gaze.

  • Reliability

    The interface must remain accessible if the product version or operating system changes.


Accessibility is not the cherry on top of the cake, it should be considered throughout the entire development process, from design and engineering to testing. Developing with inclusivity in mind always leads to better results, which are achieved in a less labor-intensive way.

The challenge is to give everyone access to the core content, regardless of how users use the Internet. After that, work towards improving the user experience for all.

Why work with Agilistry on Accessibility?

Our company develops products in full compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We take special care to ensure that your product reaches as large a target audience as possible. We have the best tools and practices in place to ensure a user-friendly experience for all categories of users.