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Agilistry offers the widest range of services for E2E mobile development. We offer turnkey development as well as improvement and refinement of existing solutions. Get new satisfied users and make technological breakthroughs with our help.

AI Development

An AI service provider typically offers a range of services designed to help businesses leverage the power of AI to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience.

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Android Native Automation

By employing Android test automation best practices and first party libraries such as Espresso and UiAutomator, Agilistry Android engineers could help your team not only to deliver sufficient test coverage but also incorporate stability, scalability and orchestration into your existing or newly build testing architecture

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Android Development

Android development is one of the most demanded requests in the field of development. Despite the frenzied popularity of Apple, Android still does not lag behind in terms of the number of users: Android phones occupy 80% of the mobile device market. Accordingly, if you want to promote your interests on media platforms and application markets, then you cannot do without developing applications for Android! 

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iOS Development

Apple devices are among the most popular today. The process of developing a native app for Apple is writing a program in one of the main iOS development languages: Objective-C or Swift. This path was created by the Apple corporation and assumes following all its ideas. Apple provides developers with the latest SDK (software development kit), documentation, and the Xcode development environment. 

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iOS Automation

Our enterprise expertise in native iOS Test automation helps our customers to achieve stability, speed, and scalability for their functional tests using scalable architecture in conjunction with Apple's native Swift and XCUITest library

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So far, technology does not allow for the unloading of consciousness into the virtual world. But creating a colorful visualization, a striking marketing hit, or an intuitive training program is already possible with AR/VR

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Web Development

Web development is a procedure for creating a web application or website. In web development, many different technologies and ready-made products are used: these are programming languages ​​and markup in a "pure" form, databases and other information stores, software products to simplify development (frameworks and site management systems), as well as server software. 

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More than 20 percent of the world's population has some kind of disability. When developing software, it is crucial to take this aspect into account, thereby showing concern for everyone, making the world a better place, and expanding your potential target audience.

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Save money, time, and avoid developers frustration with fast and scalable mobile Continuous Integration/Delivery setup that simply works! We have expertise to setup and maintain in-house solutions such as Jenkins or distributed SAS such as BitRise or CircleCi.

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