Double Your Testing Speed Using Parallel Testing - Agilistrysoft
  • Webinar
  • September 28, 2022
  • 9:00 AM PDT

Double Your Testing Speed

Parallel Testing with SIFT

Have you ever thought about having a duplicate of yourself so you could get twice as much done in half the time? We’ve all been there, but before you get a cloning machine, there are some excellent tools you could use as a tester to free up your time and get better results.

Join our CEO Igor Dorovskikh and iOS SDET Yulia Karanevskaya on our webinar to learn more about SIFT – an API by Engenious that enables iOS/Android developers and testers to run unit and UI tests at the speed of light.

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With SIFT you can double your productivity, halve your effort, and test twice as much code:

  • Several nodes running in parallel
  • Run tests on simulators and Devices
  • Works both for iOS / Android
  • No limits
  • Saves testers tons of time (just like the clone you have been dreaming about)


Igor Dorovskikh

[CEO and founder of Engenious]

Work experience: Engineering Manager at Tinder, Automation lead at Expedia and Barnes & Noble. Passionate about teaching.

Yulia Karanevskaya

[iOS SDET at]

Experienced test automation engineer; passionate about self development.

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