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cannabis products retailer

WeedAr is a fully-integrated ecosystem that connects cannabis brands to a revolutionary loyalty and distribution platform, powered by unique cutting edge technology.

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Yellow Dream Farm

The results of our collaboration with WeedAr

Yellow Dream Farm
Yellow Dream Farm
  • 3X

    3x initial capitalization increase

  • full-cycle

    coverage: from cultivating to distribution

  • 286%

    number of active customers increase



Our job was to develop a cannabis products e-store. It had to have a handy admin panel to support brands and delivery partners. Also integral parts of this store should be:

  • the catalog in the AR

  • the NFT marketplace

  • convenient delivery.


Key benefits, as the result of features introduced

  • Expand business perspective

    Usage of NFT and AR technologies allows businesses to become an object of intellectual property

    All of WeedAr’s intellectual property becomes valuable and opens up the potential for technology licensing.

  • Synergetic partnership

    Handy distribution platform empowered by next-generation technology

    More than 20 cannabis brands connect with customers from all over the southern California region through the mediation of the distributors. It became possible with the admin pannel which we introduced.

    Partners handle orders and their public data in their personal accounts. Orders are delivered on the optimal route due to integration with Google services.

  • Differentiation with unique user experience

    AR and NFT technologies

    The introduction of Augmented Reality technology allowed us to create a unique user experience within the e-store. Users are able to view the product in detail and from different angles, as in real life. Developed by us, the AR engine based on ARKit allowed us to customize the behavior of appearing products to match the desired preferences.

    Studies reveiled the potential need for collecting boxes of the purchased products. We did so, and to a higher degree, letting our buyers store the NFT copy of purchased items in the AR stash box. This unique ownership is confirmed by blockchain and makes collecting limitless. Furthermore, any of those products could be sold or sent to another user with transaction confirmation.

Operational optimization

Business logic optimized by the introduction of separate product layers

We reviewed user, partner, and product flows. 4 different product layers were introduced:

  • Admin panel

    The interface of the visual point of control and remote database.

  • Partner page

    Partner’s personal page for managing orders, product prices, and tax fees.

  • Integration layer

    Additional logic by partner request for exporting/importing data related to orders from/to Parter’s origin database.

  • Client & Courier mobile applications

    End customer interface for making orders. Partner delegates the execution of the order.


Technologies Introduced

  • Node.js, React Native, Swift, Solidity

    A high level of expertise in mentioned languages leads to iterated and planned technical goal reach;

  • iOS

    In order to cover the most-paid audience and provide the best native experience, we have focused on iOS with further distribution in the App Store.

  • Geo-Location

    Integration of Google services for locating helped to cover tasks and the most optimal routing for delivery and user positioning.

  • AR

    We provided a unique solution to work with content in an entirely different manner than competitors could.

  • Firebase

    Reach package of tools solved multiple problems such as authentication, notifications, crash reports, remote configurations, etc. in the safest fashion.

  • AWS

    Managing the server was simple and clear using the AWS control panel so customers could see loads at a specific moment in time.

  • NFT unique drops

    A unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable.

  • Amplitude

    The behavior of our users, conversation, and funnels was gathered in the dashboard creation. Generalized information became easy to understand. On the other hand, it provided a significant basis for deep analysis and user-splitting into audiences with further ability to hypothesize and check causations and correlations.

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